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Why Project Ok?

The word “Project Ok” itself defines our products, services, solutions, and market presence. We are a nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company; known for its high-quality and widely accepted products and services.

We provide top-of-the-line technology services, solutions, and IT training to companies of varying sizes. Our client’s size or scope doesn’t matter to us. What matters is how we leverage our wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and the latest technological research to help our clients overcome their IT challenges.


Project Ok's vision is to empower people and enable organizations to enhance and sustain excellence in this tech-savvy world through enduring practical solutions to excel and elevate the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) benchmark of the corporate and individual.


Project Ok is deeply committed to operating in compliance with time-tested values and principles. IT solutions company aims at exceeding our customer expectations and offers superior customer support through intelligent, user-friendly technology and exceptionally high ethical values. We seek healthy growth while continuing to remain responsive to societal and environmental concerns. We work towards preserving the rights of our investors and employees. We aspire to be the best ICT solution provider by delivering cutting-edge IT and management solutions. These are our guideposts. All our people are guided by them.

Passion to satisfy customer needs

We are a principle- centered, research-driven solutions provider and not a market-driven company seeking profit maximization. We earnestly strive to win the trust of our customers. Our benefits come from our dedicated efforts in fulfilling their needs. We value customer loyalty most highly.

Learn & Innovate

We are a knowledge-driven enterprise. We strive to expand the boundaries of knowledge by developing and promoting research. The yardstick to measure our success is the effective use of knowledge, skill, creativity, innovation and teamwork of our employees.

Our employees are free to apply their creativity, skills and talents while developing innovative solutions for the benefit of the society. Our people flourish with a sense of pride, dignity, and accomplishment.

We believe our destinies – that of ourselves, our clients and the community – are intertwined. Our view is holistic.

Commitment to excellence

We relentlessly pursue excellence in all our activities by continuously raising the bar. We drive our team to deliver superior quality solutions by ensuring that the defects and deficiencies do not get masked and fix the problems permanently whenever they arise.

Dedicated Talent Management

Our people are our most valued asset. We recognize exceptional talent and happily move them throughout the organization. We strive to develop leaders and diligently pursue development programs

Have audacious goals

We believe discipline & frugality are quintessential constituents of progress. We spend money only on things that matter and discourage our clients from spending money on unproductive unworthy causes.

Standards of conduct

We greatly value and respect personal and professional integrity. All our activities must be conducted with honesty and integrity and adhere to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) principles.

Respect for people

We treat our employees with respect and dignity and will always remain committed to preserving their rights. We provide them a safe, healthy and pleasant environment to enable them sustain high motivation.

We respect our people’s desire for growth and accomplishment regardless of their position. We value good performance and reward it. We always seek prudent and transparent decision-making. We deal with them with utmost honesty and consideration and are receptive to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Social Responsibility

CSR is an integral part of our policy. We aim to aid society through our products and services. We firmly believe that we are an integral part of society and our investors, employees, customers, and society benefit from our business.


The human race is no longer left with unlimited resources. With many life-sustaining resources increasingly facing depletion, sustainability has become a choice for our survival. We are determined to utilizing our resources responsibly with great respect for the environment by considering sustainability the most quintessential factor.


Integrity is always choosing and doing the right thing. We understand that it demands courage, conviction and above all accountability. We earnestly strive to deliver superior results, in compliance with commitment to our clients. We are honest in projecting our capabilities and will never make hollow promises to mislead the clients. We practice what we preach, if it’s not good enough for us then it’s not good enough for our clients.

We respect our clients’ legitimate right to have confidentiality of information. We will always ensure that our purpose in seeking information is morally defensible.

Discipline & Frugality

We believe discipline & frugality are quintessential constituents of progress. We spend money only on things that matter and discourage our clients from spending money on unproductive unworthy causes.

Customer focus

Our clients are our first and foremost focus and they always deserve the best. Our success is determined by the success of our clients. We earnestly strive to understand their needs as well as expectations and fully commit our resources to help accomplish their goals.

Driving competitive advantage

We are concerned about the competitive advantage of our clients. We look into all the relevant systems & criteria while exploring possibilities for them. Our decision-making is based on proven techniques and sound judgment to ensure our clients’ strategic success.

Value creation

Client value creation is our critical goal. We seek to deliver palpable change, not just ideas. We adopt ideal standards for client value creation so that our clients achieve tangible results.


We know that we live in a highly inter-dependent world. We value our relationships most highly. Our views on relationships are sublime, holistic and long-term. Our relationships – internally and externally – are built on the foundation of mutual respect, trust and timeless values.

Project ok Highlights

  • More than 20 years of consistent technology innovation and execution in application, networking and service performance management
  • Most comprehensive and widely-deployed service delivery management portfolio
  • 10,000+ customers in the Middle East
  • Multi-cultural people